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  • Hills Airgun Compressor

    How To Use The Hills Air Compressor

    Some things are worth waiting for… Hill’s of Sheffield, manufacturers of the famous Hill’s Airgun Pump, have released their latest product to the market. Introducing the new Hill’s EC3000 Airgun and Paintball Air Compressor. You may be thinking Hill’s have been a little slow to the market, with other compressors already available. However, many alternative […]

  • How to clean a PCP Air Rifle Barrel

    How To Clean an Air Rifle, Part.2 PCP

    Pete Wadeson follows on from his last blog on cleaning a springer barrel by further detailing the specifics pertaining to the cleaning of a PCP’s tube…    Previously I explained why you should clean an air rifle barrel and how I go about doing it. However, that was very much, (almost totally) slanted towards the […]

  • How to clean the barrel of your airgun

    How To Clean an Air Rifle, Part.1 Springer

    Pete Wadeson tackles the ‘controversial’ subject of cleaning an air rifle barrel – here in Part 1 of 2 he cleans a springer’s tube… Although ‘live-round’ shooters know the importance of keeping their gun barrels clean, it’s still quite a controversial subject amongst the air rifle fraternity. However, while generally many don’t bother, the Field […]

  • How to remove rust from an airgun

    How To Remove Rust From Your Air Rifle

    Written by our special guest blogger, Norman Bobby of Gun & Shooter Removing Rust from Your Air Gun Rifle Your air rifle should last you a long time, but there are steps to make it last longer that you have to take. You may find that it develops rust over time and you need to […]

  • How to mount a scope to a rifle, feature image

    How to Fit and Zero a Scope on an Air Rifle

    So, you have your air rifle, pellets, targets and backstop set up. But how do you get the best from your shooting experience? To make any airgun the most accurate and most fun it can be, fitting a scope is almost essential. The below is designed to be a simple guide for beginners, to get […]


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