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  • How to clean a shotgun using the Bisley Presentation Cleaning Kit

    How To Clean Your Shotgun

    A question often asked, “How do I clean my shotgun”? With the correct oils, solvents and materials it’s a quick and easy task that will save you from expensive repair bills. Keeping your gun clean and well maintained will also ensure your shooting is safe. Below is the perfect demonstration of how to clean your […]

  • how to fill an airgun

    How To Fill An Air Gun Using a Cylinder

    How to fill an airgun If you haven’t charged a PCP air rifle before do not worry, charging a PCP rifle with air is not difficult but you do need to be careful if using a valve not fitted with a restrictor. Most modern valves now come with these but if they do not, it’s […]

  • How to Use an Archery Bow

    How to Use an Archery Bow

    Archery is great fun, and the perfect summer sport to get you and your family out of the house and into the great outdoors! I know explaining how to use a bow and arrow may seem a little patronising to most readers. However, there may be some out there who don’t fully know or haven’t had […]


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