Plan Beta I.C.U Tacticam

The Plan Beta Camera is an interesting little camera that is good value for money. It is available in 480p for the I.C.U and in 720p for the I.C.U.2. It has been made to fit onto any standard weaver or picatinny rail. The video below to see how it holds up, when used with the Bisley shoot n’ smash chalk targets.

Attach to the picatinny rail and once on, when it gets tightened it should fit snugly with little to no wobble, perfect for plinking in the garden or taking out airsofting.

With this camera, when comparing it to other cameras that can be fitted onto airguns such as the go pro, the first thing to mention is this is not in the same class price wise or quality wise. This is a basic camera that is built to do a job at a much more affordable price without the need to buy mount kits and other accessories, whereas a go pro will set you back around £300 if bought new, plus another £30 -£40 for mounts, cases and other accessories. The I.C.U.2 is ready out the box for roughly £75 and the I.C.U basic for just £35-£40, so this makes it a much more affordable entry level camera.ICU 2.0 Tacticam

Another thing to keep in mind, is if you were to take this camera out airsofting it has several advantages over other cameras, such as its light weight, and would not stick out when on a rail, so there’s no worry of catching it and knocking it off whilst you’re out in the field and it’s easy to use. With a single click of the pressure switch, you can start recording, this is perfect for just before you try and storm a bunker.

One issue I have with this camera vs the others on the market, is its battery life with only one hour’s worth of recording, you will have to pick your moments and try to record only at key moments rather than all the time, but if you have a battery pack, you can extend how much time you get by charging it during lunch and breaks.

Plan Beta have done several different tests to prove just how strong their little camera is. Please do click the links below as they are worth a watch and show just what this can withstand.