Multicolour Marvel!

This review is as featured in Gun Mart Magazine:Ledlesner P7QC Gun Set COntents

Reviewer: Pete Wadeson

‘Tactical LED Torches’ are light in weight and self-contained due to the batteries being housed in the body of the torch, meaning no trailing leads to getting ‘snagged’ on something. Also, the next step, which really did surprise many, was that the forward-thinking specialist lamping kit manufacturers then progressed to offer torches with the facility to change the colour of the beam (to suit the conditions and quarry targeted) without having to use a filter – which at times can unduly reduce the light’s intensity. This ability to ‘colour swap’ is usually by way of removing a ‘module’ that a certain colour LED is housed in and replacing with another one holding a different coloured LED. However, where the Led Lenser P7QC Quad Colour Torch Kit differs is that no ‘modules’ have to be interchanged, due to it using what is termed ‘an energy efficient multi-coloured CREE Power LED light chip’. The design of the head assembly is such that it offers instant White, Red, Green or Blue light and is quick and easy to switch from one colour to another with no filters, or mini-LEDs to contend with thanks to its easy twist head. A prismatic diffusor inside the lens helps optimise light distribution across all colours up to its 220-Lumens, full power output.

Measuring 135mm, with a 30mm diameter main body tube and weighing 175-grams, the Led Lenser P7QC ‘quad colour’ LED torch is manufactured from lightweight aircraft grade aluminium with
an IPX7 water protection rating. The full kit consists of the torch, tail witch, remote pressure switch, universal one-inch and 30mm scope clamp, hand lanyard and a Nylon carry pouch. Powered by 4x AAA Alkaline batteries (supplied) these can be installed into either of the switching options integral battery carriers, which then screw onto the rear. For gun-mounted users the remote switch is the optimum choice, giving you access to the light while still holding the forend on aim.

Handheld and gun mounted users will appreciate the three separate light functions – Power, Low Power and Blink (all able to be accessed when using either switching option), which is internally
generated by micro-chip controlled Smart Light Technology (SLT) and activated by a simple push button ‘Dynamic end cap Switch’ or the remote pressure pad. Inner gold battery contacts also help give the user 25-hours run time on low power (40-Lumens) and three-hours on full. Under normal field conditions, the low power setting projects a beam out to approximately 20-metres while on high power it reaches out to approximately 60m. In a sentence – The Ledlenser P7QC Kit is the ideal solution for the airgun hunter looking for a quick colour changing TAC torch suitable for after-hours ratting to rabbiting.

Ledlenser P7QC Gun Set Mounted