Guest Post – Lincoln Vogue Shotgun

To come into the office to a nice message from a consumer on your products is always a wonderful thing. The conversation flowed, and what began as a message became an invite to this particular consumer to contribute to our blog. We are so happy and thankful to “IPS” for writing such a detailed review of the Lincoln Vogue, and feel it more than worthy enough to add to our blog! So here it is…

Lincoln Vogue ShootingI Recently purchased a 30″ Vogue game gun and what a fabulous gun it is. I do not make a habit of congratulating companies or giving reviews however I felt compelled to do so on this occasion as I am so impressed with the gun. Had it been 3k I probably would have accepted that it was good (and so it should be for 3k) and passed no comment but a gun this good for 1k deserves to have a following.

I have shot in one form or another for 40 years, mainly competitive trap ABT, OT, DTL however in recent years I have retired from competition and now concentrate on game shooting and working my cocker spaniel. In this time I have owned about twenty shotguns of various makes and types from ยฃ500 to high-end ยฃ12,500 rrp guns and I consider the vogue to be equally as good if not better than many guns three times the price. I have been all over it trying to find a build quality or design fault to justify the ridiculously low price but I cannot fault it.

Lincoln Vogue In Hand

I have always been driven towards what one would consider high-end guns from leading brands but on this occasion I was in the market for an affordable field gun as I am fed up paying 3k plus and being disappointed. I had a couple of other brands (some of which I hadn’t even heard of) and the Lincoln on my short list. Having tried dozens of guns the vogue stood out as the best fit the best balance and I was highly impressed with the build quality for what is comparatively little money. I honestly believe (although obviously we are early days yet) that the build quality is as good as anything comparable from the major brands which are considerably more expensive. Interestingly I applied some “rapid oil” to the stock and this usually soaks straight into the wood but a couple of hours later and the oil was still on the surface, this you would usually expect after many coats of palming oil in This tells me that the Lincoln wood is very well treated / oiled in some way.

Lincoln Vogue Over Arm

The other notable thing is the trigger pulls. As I mentioned I am from a competitive trap background and we are known to be very picky about triggers. The Vogue pulls are very crisp with no discernable creep, and not too heavy, very impressive as this is one area that usually stands out on lower priced guns.

I shot a formal driven partridge day with it in September and was very very impressed with how it handled. I certainly shot my fair share of the bag on theย day and percentage of hits to shots fired was certainly higher than with my previous game guns one of which was a staggering six times the price.

Lincoln Vogue Action Close Up


Well done on a brilliant gun.

Regards – IPS