How To Use The Hills Air Compressor

Some things are worth waiting for…

Hill’s of Sheffield, manufacturers of the famous Hill’s Airgun Pump, have released their latest product to the market. Introducing the new Hill’s EC3000 Airgun and Paintball Air Compressor.

You may be thinking Hill’s have been a little slow to the market, with other compressors already available. However, many alternative compressors on the market are on their Mark II or 2nd generation model already, suggesting the original model may have had a bug that needed to be ironed out. Hill’s have taken their time, instead of rushing to join the trend for in-house air compressors for personal use, they have really focused on research, development, and testing. Hill’s were more focused on getting the product right the first time, as opposed to rush anything and risk cutting corners or making mistakes.

The result is a simple, safe, easy to use, portable unit which not only operates quickly but is also very quiet. At just 75dB, we believe it’s currently the quietest unit out there? It’s also a very affordable price, with an RRP of just £798.

You can see full details on the unit on our website here, or we have made this short video below which briefly explains how to operate the unit. However, as you will see from the video, the unit requires very little maintenance and will self-regulate its own pressure and temperature.