Going for Glory! Marketing vs Purchasing

To test some of the Umarex air rifles we had a little shoot off between Purchasing and Marketing. Would the Perfecta Model 32 match the Browning M-Blade? Bring on the competition, myself, Cullen from the Purchasing Department vs Claire our lady in Marketing.

Before we get to the all-important results, let’s talk about the kit used in this challenge.Perfecta Mod 32 and Browning M-Blade

The Perfecta Model 32 is an affordable springer rifle, valued at around £75 RRP. It comes with a wooden stock and open sights, in .177 only. At under 6ftlbs it is perfect for what we had in mind, some fun back-yard shooting.

The second gun we got our hands on was the Browning M-Blade, another reasonable sub 6ftlbs springer rifle with a synthetic stock and open sights. Like the Perfecta Model 32, it is also available in .177. This is a little pricier than the Perfecta Model 32, coming in with a retail price of around £130.

Before we started, we each had 6 practice shots to get used to the guns that we were using. I started on the Perfecta Model 32 and Claire on the Browning M-Blade. For the competition we were using the .177 Wasp red pellets, Bisley Target Holders and Bisley Grade 2 Paper targets. Once we had tested our guns we were ready for our competition! After 6 shots each, we compared the results and with a final score of 58-42 to Claire for the first round, things were not looking good for me. With the results from the first round in, it was time to switch rifles and take our practice shots. Once this was done we got ready for our second round of shots. This ended with a score of 52–51 to me bringing our final scores to 109-94 and making Claire our champion for this round.

Final impressions on both guns

Bisley Target

Cullen’s results with the Perfecta Mod 32

Bisley Target

Claire’s results with the Browning M-Blade

My final impressions after using these two guns are that they were both a lot of fun and were enjoyable to shoot. In my opinion, the Browning M-Blade was the more enjoyable rifle, and the one that performed quite a bit better on the day, rounded off with the synthetic stock that felt good in the hand and a much smoother break in the barrel, without the need of a catch at the side of the breech to open it.

However, the Perfecta Model 32, being a sub £100 gun in its basic form and the added value of also being available in a kit with a scope, mounts and other accessories for a little bit extra, more than held up to the task at hand and was also an enjoyable gun to shoot. However, it is safe to say your thumbs got a good work out on the release catch when opening the barrel.

Claire quotes “My preference was the Browning M-Blade. I particularly like the fact it has the automatic safety which is a key feature for those learning to shoot. I also found the stock of the Browning M-Blade more comfortable in the shoulder and to grip. Having said that, the price of the Perfecta Model 32 gives it an extra appeal and I found both guns to be accurate enough at our short range.”

Coming up in round 2 for our Marketing vs Purchasing Competition, we have pistols with the NEW Beretta M9 A3 vs the Beretta M92 A1. Can I pull it back for the Purchasing Team, or will Claire run away with the competition?