Off-Eye for Dominant Eye

Birchwood Casey Off Eye Sticker on GlassesMany people Aren’t aware that everybody has a dominant eye. This is not something that would usually come up, unless you try to shoot a bow or a shotgun with your hand that is the opposite to your eye. This is called “cross dominance” and it affects around 1 in 3 adults. A simple test to see if you are cross dominant is to hold your finger up directly in front of you and in line with an object. For example look at the picture below. Now looking at the top of my finger, I have used the barrel of an Air Arms S510. Now close your left eye and open your right, if you are left eye dominant, your finger will no longer be lined up with the object.

Left Eye Dominance Example

Now we have explained the problem, let’s get onto the solution. The “OFF EYE” filters from Birchwood Casey have been designed to combat cross dominance, without having to close one of your eyes. They do this by restricting your dominant eye and causing your less dominant eye to work harder. This, in turn, allows you to correctly sight down your gun or bow, without double vision or your shots going off to the side. Whilst retaining your peripherals, this will also cause your perception of a moving target to be greatly increased. This is particularly useful and safe when shooting “in the wild” as anything can, and often will come bounding in towards your area of aim.

The Birchwood Casey Off-Eye filters can also be used when shooting with a rifle and scope. They allow you to shoot with both eyes open, but also restrict your sight in your non-shooting eye enough that you can still focus through the scope. This allows you to not only keep focused on your target, but allow you to spot anything else coming into or towards your sight picture.

There is one criticism that I have with this product, and that is if you’re like me and you over fill your pockets you can crease the card that the filters are on. They are re-usable, but this can damage them. Luckily with a retail price of around £10.60 these are a very affordable item and replacements can be bought fairly painlessly.

Birchwood Casey Off Eye Selection