The Walther EPS3 Sight for Airsoft

Written and reviewed by Dave Sizer, our Warehouse Supervisor:

I’m going to get this out the way right now. I’m an airsofter. For those who are unsure of this, I run around a woodland along with 200 other people dressed as pretend soldiers playing with toy guns!

At this time I am running a Tippmann M4 (HPA) which I had bought from a boneyard sale and lovingly restored as a single shot DMR. This thing can shoot a 0.20g, 6mm BB at 400fps or if my maths are correct, 1.1 Ft LBS.

Walther EPS3 Sight Mounted

Over the years, I have gone through a lot of optics to try and find a good fit for my gameplay. I have tried reflex sights and found it hard to range well when playing woodland, scopes are great if you can get them to zero well for an airsoft rifle but leave your field of view limited.

The market is flooded with loads of high and low-quality dot sights. I have always got my sights from Amazon as they have a ready market for cheap Chinese imitations of high-end sights, going with the thought process of “it’s only for airsoft” why spend a lot of money on an optic?

My latest buy was an imitation Eotec 551 optic. Looked lovely and great in CQB, not very good in medium to long range engagements. I then spent a small fortune trying to get a flip to side magnifying monocular to fit it. I found that the quality wasn’t there for any of them. They would fog up, the mount was loose so wouldn’t line up, it was offset to the dot sight, the list is endless of all the issues I had.

I have had the chance to use the Walther EPS3 Dot sight with 3x magnifying scope over a few weekends last year during my regular airsofting trips.

On opening the box, the first thing that I noticed was the weight difference. This thing is heavy in comparison to my other sights. The build quality is noticeably greater. Mounting the optic on the rifle is straight forward, use a 13mm spanner to tighten the mounting nuts to the rail and you’re away.

Lining up the monocular is a doddle, same as the optic. Once on, the next thing I noticed was how tough the spring tensioner was that held the flip to side monocular in place. I was afraid I was going to break it as it took some force to pull it towards you to then flip it out. Don’t worry too much about this, throughout the day I found this stiffness eased up and it became second nature to easily flip the scope to the side and back over, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Walther EPS3 Sight Mounted to Airsoft Rifle

I arrive on site in woodland at 07:30, ambient temperature is at 2*C so perfect time to see if this thing will fog up. Nope, nothing. I even held the optics over boiling water to see if the steam would muck it up, nothing!

Time to set up the sights so off the shooting range. The dot sight has the typical windage and elevation adjustments that all good optics run. After a couple of minutes of playing around with trial and error, I now have the sight zeroed at 50 meters with 8/10 shots landing on a dinner plate sized target. Flip the monocular over and with a little extra tweak we are now at 75 meters with the same results (Could get 10/10 but I’m blaming the wind!).

Game on. During the day’s trials, I found the optic to handle itself very well in darkened woodland, giving me crisp clear image of my targets with little issue. With all the abuse I gave this scope during the 7 hours of gameplay, it held the zero all day.

I pulled my rifle out of storage after Christmas and checked the zero as all my other dot sights seem to creep. To my surprise, it held firm and was constant to how it was left after my last gaming session.

Overall, my rating on this will be;

Looks: 8/10

Ease of setting up: 9/10

Price: 9/10

Usability/practicality: 10/10

Walther EPS3 Library Image

Talk to your local supplier about getting your hands on one of these. You will not be disappointed!

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