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  • Walther Reign De-Cocking Procedure

    As explained by Paddy Egan of the Umarex Boys Club, here is a short informational blog on how you can De-Cock your Walther Reign.   With the Reign you need to pull back the cocking lever to insert the magazine, you also have to pull back to cocking lever to extract the empty magazine or […]

  • How to choose the right pellet

    How To Choose The Best Airgun Pellet

    This is a very hot topic! Each shooter and their airgun will have a favourite brand or type of pellet, and even that can vary depending on the type of shooting done and the power output of the airgun. You will even find that two airguns that are exactly the same, prefer different pellets. It’s […]

  • Gun Barrel Cleaning

    Barrel Cleaning, Not Such A Can Of Worms After All

    Guest Blogger Russ Douglas cleans his 17HMR rifle’s barrel and shows us how he does it. My two rimfire rifles have been sadly underused of late, thanks to a few health issues and the Nationwide Cv19 lockdown.  I’m looking to rectify this situation very shortly, partly by helping a friend explore his (first) new Permission.  […]

  • How To Gain Shooting Permission by Russ Douglas

    How To Seek and Secure Shooting Permission

    Written by our guest blogger, Russ Douglas. So you’ve shot the occasional rabbit and would like your own Permission?  Here’s my advice in eight steps… Do your research:  No good asking for permission to shoot if there are no pests, or someone else already has the shooting rights to a particular property.  Keep your eyes […]

  • Hills Airgun Compressor

    How To Use The Hills Air Compressor

    Some things are worth waiting for… Hill’s of Sheffield, manufacturers of the famous Hill’s Airgun Pump, have released their latest product to the market. Introducing the new Hill’s EC3000 Airgun and Paintball Air Compressor. You may be thinking Hill’s have been a little slow to the market, with other compressors already available. However, many alternative […]